Ciments of Bizerte

Founded in 1950, the CPB started its first line in 1953 with a kiln capacity of 450 T/day in semi dry process. This first line was the object of a first modification in 1961 which carried its production to 550 T/day.

From the beginning, the factory was installed close to a specialized harbor and to the network of the railroad.

From 1959 procedures of tunisification were settled up. They succeeded in 1976 to the creation of the SCB, public corporation in the shape of public company with a social capital of 14.598.283,000 DT where

the state detains 99,52% of parts and the privates 0,48% of parts.

In 1976, was decided the creation of a second production line of 2000 T/day on integral dry process, provided of two electro - filters assuring a level of dust retention less than 150 mg/Nm3.

In 1978, the second line starts and the first line was transformed on integral dry process and was provided of electro - filter of less than 150 mg/Nm3 and its capacity was carried to 600 T/day.

In 1978 and until 1987 with a capacity installed of 2600 T/day and in spite of some circumstantial perturbations the SCB contributed to strengthen the capacities of the national binding sector.

With the change of November 7, 1987 and the socioeconomic acquirements of the new age the SCB knew for its part a pomp period where its production stabilized around 105% of its nominal capacity. The commercial radiance spread out energetically on the national and international plan by a substantial renovation of its embankment and its deliveries infrastructures.

A quality management system certified ISO 9001-2000 was put in place. SCB has certified its products to the Tunisian and European norms and institute a social dynamics that strengthened the mobilization of its human resources and the serenity of its social climate.

It knew in 2002 an increase its capital to 35.237.833,324 DT in order to face its upgrading program that is going to strengthen its strategic position in the national building sector which is in full mutation. One of fundamental targets of this program is the restraint of costs of productions and its environmental situation dictated by its insertion in the suburban environment..

According to its role in the regional and national development, SCB have the fundamentals objectives to be : citizen, perform ant, competitive, and harmoniously inserted in its environment.