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  • Turnover:

The turnover has increased from 16,276,071 to DT to 31/03/2011 16,647,376 31/03/2012 DT, an increase of + 2.28% .. The company achieved this growth despite the cessation of export after an administrative decision, and this in view, to give priority to the local market. It should be noted that the sales quantity of hydraulic binders during the first quarter of 2012 on the local market grew by + 3.55% for cement and + 36.93 % or lime over the same period the past year. These figures are close to industry data.


  • Production:

Cement production in the first quarter of 2012 has changed by + 9.23% and reached 170,142 tons against 155,772 tons in the first quarter 2011, against the production of clinker cements Bizerte has to 31/03/2012 was 125 120 tonnes against 155 000 tons to 31/03/2011 that the company achieved its programs of maintenance shutdowns in the first quarter.

  • investments:

Investments in progress during the first
quarter of 2012 relate primarily to:

                       1.The major maintenance of different workshops.
                       2.The procurement roulantt operating.
                       3.The installation of a mixed line of palletizing / unitizing
                          cement bags.
                       4.Avancement project fluidization silos.

  • Indebtedness:

The debt continues to decline, the company THE CEMENT BIZERTE lestranches repaying maturing loans to medium and honored, when due February 6, 2012, credit management terrme short of three months.

  • Outlook:

The outlook for the year 2012 remains good with:

           1.The maximum use of petroleum coke is going
            generate significant profits.

           2.The significant increase in production of cement
            two mills.

           3.A high demand on the local market and export
            will increase sales.

           4.La pursuing the project PMN II
            (Revamping the oven II CEMENTS BIZERTE
           by POLYSIUS).

           5.La continued implementation of projects in Annexes
            Revamping the oven as the fluidization II silos,
            development workshops crushing and grinding
            cement, the modernization of dock facilities
            operations to deal with import and export,
            installing a secondary consideration palletizing line /
            fardellisation .. all in an effort to modernize
            our equipment and improve our competitiveness.