Ciments of Bizerte

Ciments : CEM I 42.5 N

Definition and composition


Ciment " CEM I 42,5 N ", Tunisian standard NT 47-01, and European standard EN 197-1:2000, is an Artificial Portland Cement type I, without additives, resulting from the fine grinding of a mixture of:

  • clinker Portland 95% at least.
  • calcareous Filler 5% at most.
  • Setting regulator (Gypsum) with appropriate proportion.


Chemical Standard Physical Standard Mechanical Standard

% PF


Initial Setting Time with water mn


Compression resistance (MPa)

% RI


soundness (mm)


2J Mini


% SO3




28J Mini


% MgO




28J Maxi


% CI






Characteristic: Ciment " Low Alkalis " by its " Alkaline Equivalent " lower than 0.60%.

Quality control

This product was the subject of a serious qualitative control, carried out by a qualified personnel, according to standardized methods and with calibrated metrological means .


This type of cement is certified in conformity to the standards by the following certification bodies:

  • AENOR (UNE-EN 197-1:2000) And has obtained the European mark CE from AENOR.


  • Bag
  • Big-bag
  • Bulk

Mode of delivery

A triple distribution network:

  • Road (Trucks)
  • Railroad (wagons)
  • Sea (Boats)


This type of cement offers excellent performances, and allows a diversified use:


The use of this type of cement is not allowed to :